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TickTalk star Faizal Siddiqui in trouble due to video, order of action

The YOUTUBE VS TIK-TOK issue has been hot on social media for quite some time, sparking a verbal battle between some YouTubers and tick-talk users on which platforms have the best content. However, now due to this content, these youth associated with internet class are getting caught in the difficulties. You must have heard two names on the YouTube Versus Tick-Talk issue, Carrie Minati and Aamir Siddiqui. Carrie Minati roasted many tick-talkers like Aamir Siddiqui for their content, this video of Carrie Minati proved to be a tremendous hit. Amid this issue, now Aamir Siddiqui's brother Faizal Siddiqui seems to be caught in trouble. A tick-talk video of Faisal is going viral on social media in which he is accused of glorifying the 'acid attack'. As the video trended on Twitter, the National Commission for Women wrote a letter to Tick-Talk India and Maharashtra Police demanding immediate action against it. Faisal Siddiqui is one of the active users of the TikTok App, which 13.4 million users follow on this app. An old video of him trending on Twitter amid the YOUTUBE VS TIK-TOK issue, in which he is seen throwing water at a girl. In the video, it is shown as acid. #BanTiktok and #FaizalSiddiqui started trending on Twitter. People started demanding app ban through video. Seeing the issue, the National Commission for Women (NCW) immediately demanded the removal of this video from TikTok India. Not only this, but the Maharashtra Police has also been instructed to take action against the ticker who made the video. The National Commission for Women has written a complaint to TikTok India complaint officer Anuj Bhatia, saying that in a Twitter post a tick-talk video has been shown, in which a man is seen committing violence against women. This video should be immediately removed from the app and action should be taken against the person who made the video. Let me tell you if you will be a little too active on social media, then you must have seen that video of Carrie Minati in which he was seen roasting all the tick-talkers along with Tick-Talk star Aamir Siddiqui. This roast video of Real Carrey Minati was published when Aamir Siddiqui said in a statement that tick-talk content is better than YouTube video. In response to the same statement by Aamir, Carrie Minati made a roast video, although that video has been deleted at the moment. Significantly, this is not the first time the demand for a ban on tick-talk has gained momentum. Earlier, the Madras High Court had banned this app on the charge of serving obscene material. But later it was lifted from the app citing economic tightness. Now once again this app is being banned.