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World's first 3D news anchor launched

A Chinese news agency has launched its first 3D news anchor run by Artificial Intelligence. This 3D anchor can move like a normal anchor and can change its gestures according to the news. Cloning the appearance and body language of a real journalist, China made the world's first 3D news anchor using technology. It has been reported by the Chinese government news agency Xinhua that Xinhua and Chinese tech company Sogou have jointly created a 3D anchor and named it Xin Xiaowei. Earlier in 2018, Xinhua introduced the AI ‚Äč‚Äčanchor in the news world for the first time. Then four 2D anchors were made. A video of the launch has also been tweeted from the Twitter handle of the same agency. Why this 3D anchor is special This 3D anchor works with Artificial Intelligence. Which, despite being virtual, looks very real. Seeing this, you cannot say that it is fake. Speaking of this, you can blink your eyelids. I can sit, stand, and walk. According to this news, your expressions can also change. Also the tone of speaking. It can also change hairstyles and clothes.