Fastest internet in Australia 2022

The fastest internet in Australia 2022

Who in Australia offers the fastest Internet? Exetel is the fastest Internet service provider in Australia, according to the most recent Measuring Australia Broadband study dated August 2022. During peak times, it reached 102.3% of its promised maximum speeds, and throughout the day, it reached 103.5%.

fastest internet in australia

It can be challenging to get a good Australian internet deal. There is a tonne of internet service providers on the market, and many of them currently give new clients discounts that last for six months in an effort to get them to switch to their service.
Keep an eye out for these internet discounts if you want a plan with 100Mbps or more in 2022 we even started to see the occasional 12-month discount, and these are typically available on the high-speed plans.

You’ll see that many of the internet offers we’ve highlighted below are offered by Spintel or Tangerine, two telecoms known for their inexpensive prices. However, these two providers charge more if you want greater speeds like NBN 250. If you want an inexpensive internet service in the fastest tiers, we recommend MyRepublic(opens in new tab), whose NBN 1000 plan is available from AU$99 per month.

Today, there are other ways to access the internet than the NBN. Additionally, you can connect to the internet via a wireless home internet package, which uses mobile 4G and 5G towers. The ideal alternative for you may instead be a mobile broadband SIM card and optional wireless modem-router if you want to use your laptop to access the internet when you’re away from home (or are just always on the go and don’t want to be tethered to a fixed service).

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