How To share larger files Online with No Size Limit

Hi guys do you want to share larger files with your friends like Movies but without using Google Drive and Mega Limited

But how can you do that without using Google Drive and Mega Limited

There is a method for doing so that does not need Mega Limited and Google Drive.

you have to search a website called Toffeeshare you can share larger files with your friends. There is no restriction on the number or size of files you can transmit.

share larger files

You are only constrained by the capabilities of your hardware and web browser. Make sure to keep your browser updated for maximum performance.

How to use Toffeeshare

First, you have to search Toffeeshare in your browser

share larger files

Click on the first link and open the website now you have to select the file you want to share with your friends

share larger files

When you select your file you can see Toffeeshare give you QR Cord/Link and you can share on WhatsApp/Gmail/Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter whatever suits you best to share with your friends

But when you share a link with your friends and they start downloading Don’t Close the Toffeeshare window

because Toffeeshare Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing service Toffeeshare is free and prioritizes security and privacy. Close your browser to cease sending; we don’t keep anything online. Your data may occasionally not even need to leave your network because we always choose the shortest route between sender and receiver!

Your files are accessible only to you and the recipient. At the moment, ToffeeShare makes use of DTLS 1.3. Your information is completely encrypted and is only readable by your receiver (and you of course).

After the transfer is over, your files are no longer accessible via the internet, eliminating any possibility of a server being hacked to gain access to your files.

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